This guide explains how to view your people and how to change their status:

Viewing your people

Leaving people

Viewing your people

If you are a line manager or an HR user, view your people by going to People > Our people:

Each of your people has the following information displayed in the table:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Reference (number/identifier)

  • Department

  • Location

  • Line manager

  • Status: pending, current, leaving, or left

  • Permissions: admin, HR, line manager, finance, or people

  • Type: employee (E), contractor (C), or volunteer (V):

You can also apply filters to view only certain groups of people.

From here you can click on a person to view their profile and you can add people.

Leaving people

You can set someone as leaving via their profile. Click on the person's profile, and under Profile > Summary Tab click the edit (pencil) icon and change the person status to Leaving:

  • Breathe will generate an email to HR users informing them what will happen when the person reaches their leave date.

  • At the point of leaving, Breathe will automatically close all the salary records, benefits and job records.

  • If the person leaving is a line manager or leave approver for people, they will be removed from there as well, so that there won't be any people still reporting to a person that has left.

  • Removing a person will stop their access to Breathe and mark them as an ex-employee. However you can still view their profile from the People list.

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