When you log into an HR user you will be taken straight to your HR dashboard.

The dashboard gives you an overview of the tasks you need to complete, as well as some information about your people at a glance.

The first section of the dashboard tells you:

  • How many people you currently have

  • How many people are on leave in the next seven days

  • How many birthdays are coming up

You can click on each of these tabs for more detail.

The next section tells you if you have any outstanding tasks and lists notifications of any events coming up in the next seven days:

The notifications that you will see here are:

  • Work anniversaries

  • Birthdays

  • Pending leavers

  • Pending starters

  • End of probation

  • Leave

  • One-to-ones

  • Objectives due

  • Equipment reminders

  • Note reminders

To view and complete the tasks click on the blue arrow next to the task. This will take you through to the relevant screen to complete the task. Once everything has been completed your dashboard will be empty and ready for new requests.

For a full guide on using Breathe as an HR user, please refer to the HR user guide.

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