Company suggestions is an area in the system where your people are encouraged to make suggestions on what they would like to see in the company. This could be anything from team lunches to adding a coffee machine in the kitchen.

How to enable the company suggestion module

First you need to make sure that you enable your company suggestions. Go to Configure > Settings > Modules > Company suggestions:

How to create a company suggestion

Click on your user icon in the top right-hand corner to submit a suggestion. You'll then see the suggestion form. Fill in the form and click Make suggestion:

Once you have submitted a suggestion, it will appear on the community dashboard under the recent suggestions. You can also view other people's suggestions and vote/comment on them from the community dashboard:

Note: HR users can delete a company suggestion - see below How to delete a company suggestion.

How to approve/reject a company suggestion as an HR user

HR users have the ability to monitor company suggestions that have been submitted by their people. There are two ways to approve or reject a suggestion as an HR user.

Option 1

Click on your user icon in the top right-hand corner and select Make a company suggestion. Then, Click view and vote on other people's suggestions. Here you will see the list of all the suggestions that have been made and who suggested them. Click the bubble speech icon on the company suggestion.

Towards the far right of the suggestion you will see an edit (pencil) icon. This will take you through the edit suggestion screen, and here you'll be able to approve/reject the suggestion:

Option 2

Alternatively you can go to the Community dashboard and follow the same steps as above:

Once a suggestion has been approved it will appear on the dashboard like this:

Whereas a rejected suggestion will appear like this:

How to delete a company suggestion

Only HR users have the ability to delete a company suggestion.

Go to your Dashboard > Community tab, then scroll down to Recent suggestions and click the bulb icon to view all (if required), and delete the suggestion by clicking the bin icon.

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