If you are an HR user or a line manager you can access a person's profile by going to People > Our people and clicking on a person:

Otherwise, you can view your own profile by clicking My profile.

The person's information is divided into four or five sections, as detailed below. Use the edit (pencil) icon to update any of the fields.


The Summary tab includes the person's basic info, like their name, ID number and whether the person is an employee, contractor, or volunteer:

The Summary tab also includes the person's line manager and leave approver.

The last part of the summary shows their contact details (i.e. email and mobile number).

This is also where you can send your person a welcome email, which will provide them with the steps to log into their Breathe account. From this email they can click the link and set themselves a password.


The Job tab includes details about the person's job and contract:


The Personal tab includes demographics and personal contact details:

Custom (optional)

HR and admin users can add custom fields. If the custom fields are added, they will be available under the Custom tab:

Email notifications

The Email notifications tab is where you choose if you want to receive emails. By default we've turned off your email notifications on your profile, but you can opt-in to the ones you wish to receive:

Additional actions

You can download the profile as PDF and add a note/reminder:

What you can do from here

From here you can do many more things, including requesting leave, viewing your next one-to-one, and changing your work pattern.

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