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Adding new people
Adding new people
A step by step guide to adding your people on to Breathe, individually or in bulk
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Individually adding your people

You can add a new person by going to to People > Add new:

You can also go to People > Our people and click the + button next to the table:

Enter the personal details of your new person:

The required fields in the form are:

  • Person type: the options are Employee, Contractor or Volunteer

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Work email

  • Job title

  • Contract type

  • Department

  • Location

  • Date of joining

  • Receives public holiday

You can also add:

  • Opening annual and personal leave balance (hours)

  • Reference: this is a number/identifier you can assign to your person

  • Receives public holidays: when you select Yes, use the drop-down menu to select the state.

When you're done, click 'add person'.

Adding a casual or part-time person

Adding a casual or part time person is the same as above, but you will need to make sure that you have created a suitable working pattern for that person to assign at the point of adding them in (e.g casual worker will have a 0-hour working pattern)

Adding people in bulk

You are able to Bulk import people to the system using our import template.

The steps are as follows People > data > imports > manage data imports > blue + button > select your template from the dropdown

Once you have completed your download template you will then be able to upload this to the system using either the drag and drop feature N.B you will need to be precise with this and ensure that it is dragged to the centre of the upload box Alternatively click to select and open the file up-loader function.

Once you have uploaded the template you are all done. The information is filtered to the correct areas on Breathe and your people are set up.

If your upload fails you will be able to view the errors list by selecting the blue right arrow ➡ This will take you to the summary page where you will be able to identify what needs to be rectified.

Once you have addressed any errors on the spreadsheet, initiate the upload again to complete the process.

NOTE: Simply repeat the above process to update and bulk import additional employee information such as jobs, initial leave balances, and salaries.

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