To view your documents, go to My Profile > More and select Documents.

To view your people's documents, go to People > Our people, then select the person whose documents you wish to review, and click on More > Documents:

There are two tabs:

  • Documents: for documents specific to you, such as contract or offer letter.

  • Company documents: for company documents that you can view. These are the documents added under the Company tab.

Adding a document to Documents

To add a document to a person's Documents tab go to People > Our people, select the person, then click More > Documents and click the + button:

Fill out the title, choose the file to upload:

Note: When adding a document as a HR user, you can select Visible to person, the person will be able to view this information from their documents tab. Otherwise it will only be visible to HR users and line managers, if their permissions allow.

Once you have filled out the relevant fields click add document.

You can then download, edit or delete the document by using the icons on the right-hand side of the person's record:

If you select visible to person and then set the read requirement to yes, an email will be sent to the person informing them that a document has been added.

Allowing managers to view their people's documents

Line managers can view documents intended for their people if you set up their permissions accordingly.

Go to Configure > Settings > Permissions and Approvals > Change what line managers can see and do and select Manage for profile:

Line managers will also not be able to see the company documents tab, this is for HR users' reference, so line managers view of this area will just be the personal Documents area.

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