In every person's profile there's a pay area, which you can access via People > Our people, select the person, then click More > Pay:

Add pay

To add pay go to More > Pay, click the + button, fill out the form, and click add pay:

The pay will now be displayed in the Pay section:

Edit bank details

Select the Bank details tab, and click the edit (pencil) icon to add or edit the bank details for the person:

Enter all the fields and click update bank details.

Add super fund

Select the Superannuation tab, and click the + button to add the super fund details for the person:

Edit tax file number

Select the Tax file number tab and click the edit (pencil) icon to edit the tax file number details for the person:

Who can see the bank details?

  • Admin: the admin of a Breathe account can see the bank details for each person in the system.

  • HR users: on the smaller micro and starter plans, HR users can also see the bank details, but on the regular, pro and premium plans they can't.

  • Finance users: finance users can see everyone's bank details.

  • Line managers: line managers may be able to see their people's bank details, this depends on the permissions you have set up for them. Go to Configure > Settings > Permissions and Approvals > Change what line managers can see and do > Enable Line managers to see, and select Their people's bank details.

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