This article will go through how you can record the company goals that you are currently working towards. You can also link company goals to objectives.

HR users can set up company goals under the Company tab > company goals:

Adding a company goal

Click the + button to add a company goal - then, enter a title, a description, and a target date, then select whether it is a new or ongoing goal, or have you already reached this goal. Click add company goal once you are finished:

How can I use company goals?

Creating a company goal allows you as a line managers or as an employee to link your set objectives to this company goal. As an employee, once you link an objective to a company goal, you can also link this to an upcoming one to one meeting with your manager:

Once an objective is linked to a company goal, HR users will then be able to see any objectives that are linked to it:

If you want to you can view the company goal in PDF format or another format to export it then use these icons:

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