We understand how important one-to-ones are to a person's personal and professional development. We thought we'd give you a helping hand by exploring how to make the most of our people performance feature.

To add one-to-ones go to People > Our people and select the person you wish to assign a one-to-one. Then click Performance and go the One-to-ones tab and click the + button:

Select your preferred date from the calendar, set the time, and then choose the type of meeting from the drop-down list:

Now it's time to select the person who is in charge of each person's appraisal and one-to-ones. We'll call this person the reviewer, and they have line manager permissions and above.

Select where will the review take place from the drop-down list.

Decide if you want the one-to-one meeting to be recurring or not. If you choose recurring, set the frequency of the meetings. Although we've seen impressive results with weekly appraisals, you can choose daily, weekly or monthly one-to-one.

It's okay, like any calendar appointment, these meetings are not set in stone. If you need to amend a person's one-to-one, simply select the edit (pencil) icon in the tab bar, as shown below:

This allows the person or the reviewer to add notes relating to each specific one-to-one. You can also mark the meeting as complete:

One-to-ones actions

Here's a run down of the actions you can perform on the one-to-ones settings:

  1. Add the one-to-one to an internet calendar

  2. Edit the one-to-one, make notes, etc.

  3. See an overview of the entry

  4. Delete the one-to-one

That's it! You're ready to go.

Can I request my own one to ones?

You can request one-to-ones from your personal dashboard, if the setting has been enabled for you to do so, available via Configure > Settings > Change what people can see and do > Request one to ones.

Note: People can only request one-to-ones if they do not already have any scheduled. If they do, their line manager or an HR user will need to book this in for them.

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