This section takes you through how to add a new objective, how to add comments to objectives, how to score them, how to suggest objectives from the person's dashboard and how to complete objectives.

Viewing the objectives

To view your objectives, go to My profile > Performance and select the Objectives tab.

To view your people's objectives, go to People > Our people, then select the person you wish to review, and click on Performance > Objectives:

This tab shows a list of the current objectives for the person. This includes the title, the creation date, due date, whether it is linked to a one-to-one, score, percentage of completion and state (e.g. suggested).

If you wish to see the completed objectives, filter by state 'done':

From here you can edit, view or delete the objective:

Adding a new objective

To add an objective for one of your people, go to People > Our people and select the person. Then click Performance and go the Objectives tab and click the + button:

Enter a title and a description for the objective. You can add a due date, link it to a company goal or link it to a one-to-one:

Adding comments

If you want to add comments to an objective, open the objective and scroll down to add a new comment:

Scoring an objective

You can score each objective from 1 to 5:

  • 1: thought about / planned it

  • 2: started it

  • 3: completed it

  • 4: completed it well

  • 5: went above and beyond

The scoring is available when you edit the objective.

Suggesting objectives from your dashboard

You can suggest an objective from your dashboard:

You can view your people's suggested objectives via your HR/line manager dashboard:

Note: People will be able to view suggested objectives, but only HR/line manager users can approve or reject suggestions from people.

If you wish to confirm or reject a suggested objective, click the objective and then use the reject and confirm buttons at the top of the page:

Completing an objective

Once the objective has been completed, a line manager will be able to mark it as done. Head to the objective, select the action arrow and change the state to done:

If the person has uploaded the objective themselves, they will also be able to mark these as done. If it was set on their behalf, they will be able to give it a completion percentage, and the line manager will then need to update the objective to show it as done:

As the person who manages objectives for your people, you can add an objective at either a suggested or confirmed state. However, the person can also suggest their own objectives, which you will then receive in an email to be confirmed. Once confirmed, the person will no longer be able to edit their objective.

Note: Line manager's permissions are set by the HR user so some of these options may not appear.

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