What are deliverables and how can I use them?

Under the Performance tab you can set objectives; however, the deliverables are targeted towards the person, not the manager. People can add their own deliverables to break down that set objective. Not only are your people then engaging with the system, it also gives the line manager an indication as to how the person has been breaking down their set objective.

Adding a new deliverable

Adding a new deliverable is pretty straight forward.

Go to My Profile > Performance and select the Deliverables tab, then and click the + button:

Fill out the quick description and select the related objective, if it exists. Then set a delivery date and whether it's ongoing:

Mark deliverable as complete

Once a deliverable has been completed, you can mark it as complete:

When a deliverable is marked as complete, it will disappear from the list. However, you can go back to your deliverables tab and select Show completed deliverables:

The line manager will not receive an email when a person adds a new deliverable, it is purely a tool for people to use and review their individual progress.

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