A work pattern must be assigned to each person so the system knows what days they work and how many hours each day. This is vital for logging personal leave and sick days.

You can create as many work patterns as you like. This means that each person can have a different work pattern if needed, or multiple people can share the same work pattern when their work hours are the same.

Create a new work pattern

To create a new work pattern go to Configure > Settings > Absence settings > Working Patterns:

Click the + button:

Create a name for your work pattern and add the number of hours and minutes worked for each day as a decimal value.

Click add pattern to save.

Viewing work patterns

You can see the working pattern by going to Configure > Settings > Absence settings > Working patterns and clicking the arrow next to the pattern name. You'll also be able to view the list of people assigned to this work pattern.

Default pattern

You can select which working pattern is the the default by using the drop-down list:

This means that when you create a person and assign them the default working pattern, they will be assigned this working pattern.

Editing and deleting a work pattern

To edit a working pattern use the edit (pencil) icon and to delete a working pattern use the bin icon.

You can edit or delete a working pattern as long as no people with booked leave are assigned to it. If there are people with booked leave assigned to the work pattern, you should create a new work pattern, assign it to those people, then delete the old one.

It is best practice to make a note on the person's profile that you have moved them across to a new pattern.

How to assign a work pattern to a person

Once you create or change a working pattern, you can assign the new pattern to your people.

Our top tips:

  • You don't have to create a separate work pattern for each person. If you have multiple people that work the same days and hours, then you can assign them to the same work pattern. The only time you will need to create different work patterns is when your people work on different days or work different hours.

  • If a work pattern is changed at some point during the year, then any future booked leave will be recalculated, based on the new working hours you have assigned. It will not affect any previous taken leave.

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