Within Breathe there are certain areas that you can turn off. You can control this via the modules area - this can be anything from company suggestions to emergency contacts.

What are modules?

Modules are optional screens that you can turn on and off to make the system as complex or as simple as you like! As you have full control of your account, you have the ability to turn additional modules on/off as required.

You can find modules under Configure > Settings > Account > Modules.

By ticking the boxes, you can turn on any of the optional screens you wish to use within your account. Alternatively, you can turn off modules to make the system as simple possible.

If you are happy with your selection, click update modules:

Once you have switched off the features you do not wish to use, your people, line managers and HR users will not be able to see them.

Breathe HR modules

Chargeable modules

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