Within Breathe you can customise the items that will appear in drop-down menus to make them a better fit for your organisation. The customisations fall into two main types:

  1. Adding more options to default lists, for example adding student card as a new identification type)

  2. Adding richer information about your organisation (for example adding company divisions and departments)

You can access the picklists by going to the Configure > Settings > Account > Picklists:

Note: There is no limit to the amount of picklists you can add into the system.

When you start setting your picklists you will notice a few examples already entered into your account. You can either delete/edit the existing picklists or start adding your own:

For example, you can add a department by going to Configure > Settings > Account > Picklists > Departments, then click the + button. Enter a name for the new department and click add department:

Note: If any of the items in the picklists above do not feature on your list then you may not have these modules switched on under Configure > Settings > Account > Modules.

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