You can choose what your HR users, line managers and people can see and do.

Go to Configure > Settings > Permissions and approvals:

Change what HR users can see and do

Click on Change what HR users can see and do.

The following settings can be enabled/disabled for HR users:

  • By default HR users don't need to get approval for their leave. You can change that under these settings.

  • If you select Remind line managers to give one to ones, you will need to enter the frequency (in days) for the of the one-to-ones.

After you make your changes click update HR settings.

Change what line managers can see and do

You can choose what permissions line managers have regarding their people's profiles โ€“ what information they can view, manage, or delete .

For each active module, you can decide whether the line manager can view, manage (edit/update), or delete this module for their people.

Click update to save your changes

Change what your people can see and do

Your people can see and do the following by default:

You can make changes to these permissions. Once you're happy with your selections, click update settings.

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