You can choose what your HR users, line managers and people can see and do.

To do this, go to Configure > Settings > Permissions and approvals:

Change what HR users can see and do

Click on Change what HR users can see and do.

The following settings can be enabled/disabled for HR users:

  • By default HR users don't need to get approval for their leave. You can change that under these settings.

  • If you select Remind line managers to give one to ones, you will need to enter the frequency (in days) for the of the one-to-ones.

After you make your changes click update HR settings.

Change what line managers can see and do

You can choose what permissions line managers have regarding their people's profiles – what information they can view, manage, or delete .

Click on Change what line managers can see and do.

Here are what you can turn on and off for line managers:

For each active module, you can decide whether the line manager can view, manage (edit/update), or delete this module for their people. For example, you can decide that line managers are allowed to view their people's emergency contacts, but cannot manage or delete this information.

Once you make changes click update.

Change what your people can see and do

Your people by default can see and do the following:

You can make changes to these permissions. Once you're happy with your selections, click update settings.

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