There are different permissions in Breathe, and depending on what permissions you assign to people, they can view different areas of the system.

Note: Some permissions in Breathe can be customised, but you can't create new ones.

The different user permissions


The admin of a Breathe account has total access to both personal and financial information for each person in the system.

The admin users are also the only ones who have access to the following:

If you are the current admin of the account and you want to transfer this access over to another user, then go your Profile > More > Permissions and click the edit (pencil) icon.

At the bottom of the page you will have the option to change the admin to another HR user:

Select the person and click submit. If you can't see the person in the list, they will need to be given HR user permissions first before you can assign them the admin role.


On the smaller micro and starter plans, HR users have full access to all people's information, including salary information. They can access everything the admin can, except for cancelling a plan.

On the regular, pro and premium plans, HR and finance permissions are separate, and each user will have distinct roles and responsibilities within the system. When this distinction is drawn, certain actions that could previously be done by the HR user on the smaller plans will require both HR and Finance access – what we call super-user access. Examples of such actions are the ability to assign line managers and change email addresses.

Not sure on which plan you are? Go to Configure > Plan and Billing:

You can also change your plan here, just click Change plan, and choose a new one.

Note: only the admin or another super user can assign finance user permissions for other users.

Finance user

A Finance user is used alongside the HR user to give or take away finance access to an HR user. If access is taken away from an HR user, they will not be able to see any financial information for your people.

Another way to use this role is to give someone finance access, but remove their HR access. This means they can view and edit finance information for their people, but can only view their people's personal information, without being able to edit it.

Note: the finance permissions are available on the regular plans or above, for a micro or a starter plan this permission automatically falls with the admin user.

Line manager

Line managers only have access to the people that report to them, and only to the information you have granted them access to. See how to change what people can see and do.

Leave approver

A leave approver can be any one in the business, and only has access to their own profile and the leave information of the people that they are the leave approver for.

Once set, leave approvers will have their own Tasks dashboard, where they can see requests and upcoming leave within the next seven days.


People who aren't HR, admin, finance, or line managers only have access to their own information.

Who has what permissions?

If you would like to see who has what permissions at a glance you can do this by going to People > Our people, and sorting the people by Status and permissions:

View and edit permissions

To view your own permissions go to Profile > More > Permissions, and to view one of your people's permissions, go to People > Our people, select your person, and go to More > Permissions:

The permissions for your person are divided into three sections:

  • organisational roles

  • duties

  • line manager and leave approver

You can update the permissions by clicking on the edit (pencil) icon. This is where you assign HR user and line manager permissions to your people:

Make sure to click update to save your changes.

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