One of Breathe's key features is the leave calendar. The calendar allows you to view all absences over a one-month period, all in one place. This includes public holidays, leave and one-to-ones.

Viewing the calendar

If you are a regular person, not HR or a line manager, you will be able to see everyone's leave and your own one-to-ones. Simply click Calendar in the main menu bar.

If you are a line manager, you will also be able to see everyone's leave and the one-to-ones of your direct line people.

If you are an HR user, will be able to see everyone's leave and one-to-ones. Go to Company > Leave calendar:

The names of users with an absence in that month will be listed on the left, with their absence displayed horizontally and in different colours to indicate the type of absence.

Note: An individual will only show on the leave calendar if they have an instance booked. If there is nothing booked, their name will not appear in the list.

The calendar colours and what they mean

  • Light blue: Public holiday (state dependent)

  • Yellow: Leave requests

  • Blue: Booked leave

  • Green: One-to-ones

To make this feature even more useful, people's working patterns will also be displayed on the calendar to provide you with a full overview. The days that your people work are in white and non-working days are shaded in light grey.

(Note: employees aligned to a 0h working week (e.g. casuals) will have each day shaded light grey)


There are filters within the calendar where you can choose the records you wish to view, such as only one-to-ones. You can also filter by department, division or location.

Submitting a leave request

When you're on the calendar screen, you can submit a leave request by clicking the + button.

Note: Pending employees/volunteers/contractor's leave will not show on the leave calendar until they commence employment and their status changes to current employee/volunteer/contractor.

Changing access to the calendar

You can change your people's access to the calendar by going to Configure > Settings > Change what people can see and do.

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