Accessing the leave dashboard

Creating a leave request

Accessing the leave dashboard

Access your leave dashboard either through My profile > Leave:

Or through Dashboard > manage leave:

If you are an HR user or a line manager and you want to view your people's leave dashboard, you will need to go to People > Our people, and select the person, then click on Leave.

Creating a leave request

Click the + button in the Leave section:

Select the type of leave from the following options:

  • Annual

  • Personal

  • Unpaid

Enter a start date and, optionally, an end date. You can also choose to request leave for a half day, in which case you will need to specify whether it's in the AM or the PM. It can be helpful to add a reason for the leave request. When you're done click add leave.

If a leave approver or line manager has been assigned to manage your leave, the request will go to this user for approval.

HR users can enter leave directly for people, skipping the approval process.

Once completed, this leave will show in the booked leave section of the person's profile:

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