In order to get started with Breathe Payroll you have to have a Breathe HR account and a subscription to Breathe Payroll.

Note: You can explore Breathe Payroll while you're on a trial subscription to test out and see whether it's a good fit for your business needs and requirements, but you won't be able to complete pay runs and pay your people.

Getting Breathe Payroll set up can be done quickly and easily, just follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Enable/update Payroll subscription

  • Step 2: Set-up and confirm critical payroll information

  • Step 3: Set-up company configuration

  • Step 4: Integrate with Xero (optional)

  • Step 5: Process a pay run

Step 1: Enable/update Payroll subscription

How to formally subscribe to payroll on a trial account

If you have a Breathe HR trial account, you can add the Payroll subscription by going to the top of your page and selecting Subscribe:

Then, subscribe to payroll by clicking on to enable payroll to deliver secure, accurate, compliant payroll on-time, every time for your business

Select the Payroll module and click subscribe:

How to access Breathe payroll as a customer

If you already have a paid Breathe Payroll subscription, you can access payroll to prepare for set-up by going to the app switcher and clicking Payroll:

Step 2: Set up Payroll

Given you have successfully set up Breathe HR and added your people information, at this point all your people will be added from HR to Payroll. Refresh and you're good to go!

Note: Two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled by default if you have Breathe Payroll. 2FA provides an extra layer of security by introducing an additional step when logging into an online system. You'll simply need to download an authenticator app and enter the one-time code that appears.

Add any missing data

You will need to complete entering the details for each person you want to process payroll for. Follow the screen prompts to know what information needs to be added:

Click Show to see the missing data, then click Fix for each item on the list:

When you click Fix you will be taken back to Breathe HR to update the details. Click the edit (pencil) icon, enter the details that are listed as missing, then click update profile:

Now go back to Payroll using the app switcher and in the same way fix all the missing data. Some examples of critical missing data: TFN, Superannuation, Bank details, Personal details, Rate of Pay.

Note: All information from HR will be carried over to Payroll if you have set-up all employee information successfully. If you've done this already, there should not be too many missing data to fix.

If you haven't yet added people to Breathe HR, you can do so by going to People > Add new/Data Import. Learn how to add people.

Step 3: Set up company configuration

Go to Settings > Company configuration to further configure additional information required for your payroll process.

The Company tab should be populated, so just go through the remaining tabs (Banking, Reporting, Payslip, Leave, Superannuation, STP, and Pay cycle) and fill in the details, then click SAVE:

Step 4: Integrate with Xero (optional)

If you want to integrate with Xero, go to Settings > Company Configuration > Reporting, and select Xero from the GL integration drop-down menu.

Once the new setting is saved, go to Settings > Integrate with Xero. Click Connect, then log in to Xero and set up two-step authentication:

Allow access to your company data:

Match the fields from Breathe to synchronise your data with Xero, then click Save:

Please see this quick video for more details on the Xero integration:

Step 5: Process pay run

Once you've done the above steps, you're ready to process your pay run.

Explore the following articles below to learn how to:

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