Paying your employees should be an ease, not a burden! With Breathe processing a pay run is as easy as 1, and 2. Literally! Simply follow our 2-step process to pay your employees!

Go to Apps Menu > Payroll:

Note: If you haven't yet set up Breathe payroll, please refer to Breathe Payroll Quick Start Guide to learn what you need to do to get Breathe payroll up and running.

When you reach the Payroll Dashboard, you'll be guided by the steps under Process Payrun.

Step 1 - Data input

This is where you would capture the time worked and any additional earnings and/or deductions for your employees

Under Step 1 - Data Input, click Enter payroll:

From the left hand navigation bar, select the person you want to process the pay run for (you can use the search box).

Click Add pay item:

Select the pay element from the drop-down menu, enter/confirm the number of hours and the rate per hour, and optionally a description, then click save:

Note: If you wish for the normal hours to be assigned automatically to an employee (e.g full 38 hours for your full-time employee) you simply need to select yes for the pay to process each pay period.

You can add more pay items by clicking Add pay item, and you can view the payslip by clicking View Payslip at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Recalculate recalculates the employee's pay. This is not a commonly-used button, as the pay is recalculated as and when a new pay item is added.

Add all the time worked and/or any other earnings and deductions for all your employees, then go back to the Payroll Dashboard to proceed to the next step.

Please see this quick video for more details:

Step 2 - Finalise Pay Run

Click Step 2 - Finalise Pay Run. This step includes four parts:

Click Bank file report to view the electronic funds pending transfer report:

Click Download bank file to download the file. This is the file that you will import into your banking system to pay your employees.

Click Email payslips to email the payslips to the employees you're processing the pay run for.

Click Yes to confirm that you want to send the payslips:

Once the payslips are sent click Complete pay run.

Review the details then click validate submission:

Now click review & confirm:

The details displayed on your screen now are the employee details and payroll details that will be submitted to the ATO based on the Single Touch Payroll requirements.

Review the declaration statement and provide the required authorisation by ticking the checkbox, then click commit pay cycle:

Well done! You've completed the pay run.

If you need to pay someone outside of the regular pay cycle, please refer to Off-cycle pay run.

Please see this quick video for more details:

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