When you've got Breathe set up and you're ready to roll it out to your people, you can send them a welcome email that invites them to get started with the system.

What is the welcome email?

It will provide your people with the steps to log into their Breathe account. From this email they can click the link and set themselves a password.

We recommend bookmarking the login page so that people can access Breathe easily at all times.

In a welcome email you will find a URL unique to your company, which your people can use to log in with; however, you can still log in via our website should you need to.

Note: This link can only be used ONCE. If you delete the email or don't set your password straight away, the HR user will need to send a new welcome email.

How can I send the welcome email?

You can send the welcome email from the profile page:

If the welcome email button has disappeared from the employee's profile, this means they have successfully logged into their account. You'll be able to check this by looking at the last login date on their profile:

Not receiving the welcome email?

If the person is not receiving the welcome email it could be for a number of reasons. The main ones are:

  1. The email account is blocking the email from the inbox. Check your spam folder.

  2. The email address that is recorded in Breathe does not match the inbox that the person is checking.

  3. There is a delay for receipt of the email, depending on the amount of traffic.

Returning staff

You're not able to resend a welcome email once the person has logged in to the system, so returning staff will need to click the forgotten password link if they are struggling to log in.

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