There are a number of ways to add timesheets:

  1. When you or your people clock on and off a timesheet is created.

  2. You can add timesheets manually from the week view and the day view.

  3. You can add timesheets manually from the manager dashboard.

  4. Your people can add their timesheets manually from their employee dashboards (if that setting is enabled).

Adding and editing timesheets from the week view

You can add timesheets the same way you add shifts. Choose the location you want from the drop-down menu, and choose the week you want to create timesheets for, then click on Roster and tick the Timesheets check box, then click anywhere on the screen:

Now you can manually add timesheets for some or all of the shifts by clicking the cell for the person and day you want:

Enter the start and end time and click enter.

You can edit the timesheet shift by clicking on a timesheet and then clicking the edit (pencil) icon:

Adding a Timesheet in the Timesheets View

Click on Timesheets.


Select the person you want to add the timesheet for, then select the area, the start and end times and, optionally, the breaks then click save:

Adding timesheets from the employee dashboard

First go to Settings > Timesheets and enable your people to manually add their own timesheets:

Now you (and your people) can add your own timesheets. Go to Employee Dashboard > my timesheets then click add new timesheet:

Choose the location, area, start and end times and click save:

Linking between rostered shifts and timesheets

If a person doesn't clock on and off, and instead the timesheet is manually created, the system will check for any existing rosters within a specified timeframe from beginning and end times of the timesheet, and link the timesheet back to the roster times if such a roster exists.

The significance is that if there is an event or comment, or any payment rules attached to the roster they will apply to the timesheet as well.

For example, the rostered shift is from 9am to 2pm and the timesheet says the person worked from 9:05am to 1:57pm. If the threshold is 5 minutes or more then the rostered shift falls within the time interval, and therefore will be linked back to the timesheet. If the threshold is less than 5 minutes, then the rostered shift will not be within the time interval and the connection won't be restored.

The time interval is defined in Settings > Rostered Shifts:

Snapping to the rostered shift

If someone punches in or out within a specified number of minutes from beginning or end of the rostered shift, then the timesheet start or end time will round to rostered shift times if the times fall within the specified threshold.

The number of minutes is defined in Settings > Timesheets:

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