The manager dashboard gives you access to everything you need as a manager.

Filters and Notifications

The filter and the notification icons are on the top right-hand corner:

Click the filter icon to narrow down the locations, areas, and positions you want, then click apply:

Click the notifications icon to view the list of notifications:


The overview tab displays today's or this week's planned, rostered, and timesheet hours. It also displays what percentage of your staff was on time today/this week:

Who's working

In the who's working tab you can see who's working now, who's starting soon, who's just finished working, and who is working tomorrow:

Click the filter icon to choose what you want to see:


The timesheets tab shows you today's timesheets. You can view All, Pending, Approved, and In progress timesheets. You can also add a new shift:

Shift offers

The shift offers tab shows you the offered shifts:

Shift swaps

The shift swaps tab shows you the swapped shifts.


The unavailability tab shows you who's unavailable today. You can view All, Pending, Approved, and Declined:

You can approve or decline the unavailability request from here.

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