Version 1.2.0 20210303

Version 1.2.0 has the following new features:

Improve employee setup/onboarding process

What: Payroll now displays errors and warnings for any invalid or missing person's data that is required to process payroll correctly.
Why: Not being able to see what data was missing and for whom made it more difficult to onboard people in Breathe.
Value: The increased visibility of people's data anomalies will decrease the amount of time spent onboarding and paying your people, allowing you to spend more time on your business.

JobMaker pay element

What: The ATO has provided guidelines for JobMaker hiring credit. Users of Breathe Payroll can now make use of a new default pay element called JobMaker to let you declare nominations and periodic claims via STP.
Why: Using the new JobMaker pay element will ensure that the right code description is sent to the ATO.
Value: Having a dedicated JobMaker pay element makes it easy for you to report this requirement. Simply adding it to the payslip and completing the pay run submits the information to the ATO.

JobMaker history report

What: JobMaker history report is available under Reports > Pay Cycle Reports > Year To Date Pay Cycles > Other Reports.
Why: This will provide Payroll admins a way to review their claims sent to the ATO to sort out claims when necessary.
Value: Having a consolidated report like this will allow a retrospective report to support claims necessary with ATO. The JMHC scheme will be ongoing until 2023.

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