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Who has permission to see which reports?
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Reporting is a great way to gain an overview of your business operations and employee information. There are a number of benefits for businesses to review and report on specific data to then spot specific trends in their business - reporting can help business owners and managers make better business decisions, improve management systems and internal processes, and set goals effectively.

Breathe reporting and permissions

Its commonly asked which reports can management see. The below screenshots shows you the reporting view for the following users:

Line Managers:

Line manager reports can vary dependent on what permission you set. Above is a list of reports Line Managers can access if you have set them to view all details in Line Manager Permissions

Configure > Settings > Change what Line Managers can see and do

HR & Admin Users:

HR and Admin users have a set of reports not accessible to Line Managers, HR Reports, People Records, Performance and Remuneration reports.

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