What's a disciplinary?: A disciplinary procedure is used by an employer to address an employee's conduct or performance.

The disciplinary feature is a great way to report on and keep track of any incidents that happen at work. The feature helps you to ensure that your employees are kept up-to-date with the progress, status and outcome of and incidents. It will also save the disciplinary to the employee's profile so that they are always in a safe place and can be referred back to at anytime.

To view and edit a person's disciplinaries, go to People > Our people, select your person, then click More > Disciplinaries:

You can add a disciplinary by clicking on the blue plus icon.

You will then be able to add the date of incident, and a description. To add the disciplinary, click "add disciplinary".

Note: The description will be visible to the employee when accessing their profile and viewing "disciplinaries".

Once the disciplinary has been added to the employees profile, you will be able to add additional notes and supporting documents by clicking the blue plus icon.

You are also able to edit/update the disciplinary by clicking the pencil icon, or delete it by clicking the rubbish bin icon.

Note: Any notes and documentation will only be seen by HR users and line managers (if given permission).

When updating the disciplinary, you are able to select the appeal status, outcome and add an expiry date. You are also able to mark it as resolved or expired. This is a great way to keep track of the progress of the incident.

Once updated, all disciplinaries will appear on the employees profile so that they can be tracked and recorded.

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