To view and edit a person's emergency contacts, go to People > Our people, select your person, then click More > Emergency contacts.

You can add an emergency contact by clicking on the blue plus icon.

You will then be able to add the details for the emergency contact including their relationship to the employee and weather they are the Primary emergency contact of not. To add the emergency contact, click "add emergency contact details".

Note: Click "Use address from profile" if the emergency contact lives with the employee.

Once the emergency contact has been added, they will appear under the employees profile. You are able to edit, view or delete the contact via the icons displayed below. You are also able to add additional emergency contacts with the blue plus icon. Remember, it is best practice to have at least two emergency contacts in case one is not available.

Note: Employees are able to add and edit their own emergency contacts. They can simply follow the same process as a HR user would above.

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