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Everything you need to know on employee absences
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This little guide should provide you with everything you need in order to manage your employees' Leave with Breathe in a flash.

When you visit your Absence reports you will see the following:

Each report will allow you to filter by certain criteria such as: Department, Division, Location and from a specific date range.


Whilst you're looking at your absence reports we've added a link back to the company calendar for easy access.

Leave Overview

This report shows you the list of leave which has been booked and approved at a specific date range. You can also see the type of leave and the employee's reason for the leave.

Note: Please be aware that the report will only pull records where the start date of the leave falls within your date parameter search. Additionally, this reporting will allow you to filter using an additional criteria- type of leave.

Outstanding leave requests

This report will tell you any leave requests that are awaiting approval and from who.
It will also tell you the type of leave request. For example, holiday will be deducted from their allowance, however 'other leave' such as doctors appointments, will not.

Whilst you're looking at this report, you can choose to action the outstanding leave request by clicking the arrow button. This will take you to a page that will show you further details on the leave request that you can review, and an ability to approve or reject the leave.

Rejected leave requests

A run down of leave that has been rejected.

Cancelled leave

Similar to the above, this is leave that has been cancelled and which member of staff cancelled the leave

Can I download the reports?

Yes you can! Where ever you see the Blue Icon in the top right of the screen as highlighted shown below. This will also relate to the filter!

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