The value of tracking equipment

View and add equipment

Edit equipment

Why is tracking company equipment important?

The value of this, is so that you are able to keep track of any and all equipment used by employees. It will mean that, equipment can be quickly and easily accounted for so it does not go missing, or can be traced back to an employee should it be damaged or when people leave.

Add equipment

To add equipment, go to People > Our people, select your person, then click More > Equipment.

You can add equipment by clicking on the blue plus icon:

You will then be able to add the details of the equipment. It's mandatory to enter a title, the other details whilst very helpful are optional. To add the equipment, click "add equipment".

  • In order to use the "Equipment type dropdown" field, you must first add in the options you wish to using in the picklist setup.

  • Using the "Notes" section is a great spot to include the equipment's serial number or any other details to help identify the item.

Edit equipment

Once the equipment has been added, you will also be able to add any related documents to the item by clicking the Blue plus button. For example a receipt of purchase.

You are then able to view any and all equipment on the employees profile. You can edit (to add or view the return date), view (to look at the items details) or delete (to remove the item) with the icons displayed below:

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