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Remuneration Reports
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A short guide on how to use remuneration reports to manage salaries, additional payments, benefits and more.

When you go to your Remuneration reports you can access the salaries report:

Like for the other reports, you are able to filter by certain criteria such as department, division, location and from a specific date range. You can also filter by employee type:

The salaries report displays the from and to date, the salary amount as well as the frequency and pay basis. The list will display all the previous and current salaries.

To only show the current salaries, tick the box 'only show current salaries'.

Note: A current salary is a record that does not have an end date against it.

Can I download the reports?

Yes you can! Where ever you see the Blue Icon in the top right of the screen as highlighted shown below. This will also relate to the filter you've selected:

We hope this guide helped you out - but if you do have any further questions please feel free to get in touch with the support team!

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