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Reports about your people from starters and leavers through to unverified emails.
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As an HR User the following HR reports can enable you to keep track of employee trends and metrics on employee starters and leavers. Additionally, with Breathe's HR reporting, you'll also be able to stay on top of any data changes that are pending and employee log-in activity:

Pending Starters

This report will show you a list of employees who are yet to go live in your system. You can sort by date and also click the grey arrow to perform any requests on the system.

Starters & leavers

The report can be filtered to show records of people who joined and left after a certain date, before a certain date.

If you put in a certain date you can see how many active people you had on Breathe at that moment in time:

Top Tips:

  • You cannot run the Joined and Left reports at the same time. You need to run each individually.

  • The active employee look up will not list the employees but will just display the number of active people on that date.

Pending data changes

When an employee makes a change to their profile these will show up on the report below to approve. The report will also show what the entry was prior to the change:

Login activity

This report will tell you the name of the employee/contractor/volunteer, department, division, location, their last log in date and time.

Reset passwords

Here you'll see your people list along with the following details: email address, employee status, and type of employee.

Accessing this page allows you to send a bulk email to your employees should they need to reset their password. Simply tick the box on the right hand side to select the employees who need to receive a temporary password. Click all if all employees need to reset their user password.

Can I download the reports?

Yes you can! Where ever you see the Blue Icon below, click this to export the report to excel:

Note: This icon can be found in the top right of the screen on each reporting page, and this will also relate to the filter selection.

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