The Notes and Reminders feature gives you the ability to record additional information on the employee that isn't cover in other options of the more tab.

The notes allows you to include as much detail as is required, set a reminder for the notes to be reviewed by HR users, and add attachments to the notes.

To view and edit a person's notes and reminders, go to People > Our people, select your person, then click More > Notes and Reminders:

You can add notes and reminders by clicking on the blue plus icon:

You are then able to set a title, add in the notes, select a reminder date, and notify all HR users.

Once the note and reminder has been added to the employee profile, you are also able to edit/update the notes by clicking the pencil icon, or delete it by clicking the rubbish bin icon.

You will also be able to add supporting documents by clicking the blue plus icon.

Once updated, all the notes and reminders will appear on the employee profile so that they can be monitored and tracked.

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