Version 4.0.0 has the following new features:

New Pay Item for Government Paid Parental Leave

A new Pay Item has been added for Government Paid Parental Leave. This Pay Item is included in Gross Taxable Payments for STP.

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Correct PAYG calculations on Terminations and Bonuses where the employee has zero Year to Date earnings

The ATO has a specific calculation method for termination payments and bonuses where the employee has not received any pay in the current financial year.(particularly where the payment is made prior to the first regular Pay Cycle in July).

Enhancements & Improvements

  • STSL (Study and Training Support Loans) coefficients updated for Financial Year 2021-22.

  • Hourly Rate of Pay will be the rate assigned for any Approved Timesheets from RTA (RTA users)

  • Pay Screen Timesheet widget enhanced to ensure that Approver details are visible and email addresses are clickable for users to compose a message.

    (RTA users)

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