Version 5.1.0 has the following new features:

New Pay Element for Cashed Out Annual Leave

A new Pay Element called Cashed Out - Annual Leave has been added. Use this Pay Element when an employee is to be paid out Cash instead of taking their Annual Leave as time off.

Hourly Rate Calculation for Auto Work Pattern

For Work Pattern employees on Auto Pay, Hourly Rates will be calculated based on actual hours in the Work Pattern. This is especially useful for custom work patterns.

New POP UP in Paid Parental Leave Pay Element

A new POP UP has been added to the Government Paid Parental Leave Pay Element. The Service Australia hyperlink has been added to help payroll officers with compliance when adding Government Paid Parental Leave.

Enhancements and Improvements

  • Part Day Leave is now dictated by the number of hours entered upon filing. When part day leave is applied for, the payment in payroll is generated for the actual hours applied for

  • Resolved an issue where Normal Hours autopay was not reducing properly when Unpaid Leave present in the Pay Slip

  • STP Reconciliation improvements to show right amounts in Fringe Benefits and Lump Sum columns on the date paid.

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