The management of leave in Breathe is integrated for Payroll users.

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Employee Onboarding/Setup

Balances & Forecasting

Regular Pay Cycle - Pay Screen & Payslip

Matching HR Balance with Payroll

Off-Cycle Pay

Leave on Termination

How Leave functions in Payroll

Employee Onboarding/Setup

Employee setup and onboarding is processed in Breathe HR.

When an individual user is setup, the system will provide an option to specify a user’s opening balance.

Newly hired employee

Existing Employee

Opening Balance

leave blank

enter a value (

Accrue Date

Hire Date

Employee creation date

Balances & Forecasting

The HR user is able to view the current and/or forecast the balance to a future date.

For current balance- this will include the balance as at the beginning of the day.

For forecast balance - this is the balance at the end of the day.

For example, today’s balance is 100 which is the balance at the beginning of the day. This does not include the accruals for the current day.

The forecast Balance on 07/08/2021 is 100.5846 which is the balance at the end of the day. This includes the accrual on the 06/08/2021.

Note 07/08/2021 falls on a weekend and therefore no accrual applies as per work pattern.

Regular Pay Cycle - Pay Screen & Payslip

The Pay Screen and Pay Slip show the following information;

  • BALANCE Annual Leave balance at the end of the pay period (end of day balance)

  • ACCRUED Accrued value for the entire pay period

Matching HR Balance with Payroll

After finalising the Pay Run for a regular pay cycle, the balance as at the end of the pay cycle will equal the forecast balance in HR. This is because any calculation of additional hours worked will be updated in LMS and reflected In HR AFTER the pay cycle is committed.

Before finalising, the calculation is kept in Payroll as an interim balance and DOES NOT reflect in LMS or HR. The only circumstances where the balance will match is where the work pattern hours recorded in HR match the hours paid that is displayed in the Pay screen.

This can occur in the following circumstances

  • Employee's Work Pattern automatically enabled.


  • Employee is on Standard Work Pattern AND Employee Autopay Hours enabled


  • Employee manually entered normal hours equal to work pattern hours

Off-Cycle Pay

Before Commit

Off-Cycle pay will be treated as an adjustment to the employee’s leave balance. Off-Cycle adjustment to leave balances will always be booked at the commit day.

For example, to process a payment of 20 normal hours for the period 02/08-06/08 with commit date for 09/08, the accrual adjustment for the 20 hours (1.538 hrs) will be reflected in HR on 09/08.

After Commit, the adjustment in accrual will be reflected in today’s end of day balance.

For example, the 1.5385 will be added to the current day balance as a result of committing the off-cycle pay.

Leave on Termination

Termination will be a two part process.

Part (I)- Breathe HR

Employee should be marked as Left in Breathe HR with the termination date. This will ensure that LMS does not calculate any accruals from the termination date.

Part (II)- Process Termination Payment

The payroll process will ensure any Annual Leave is paid out and their balance reduced accordingly.

How Leave functions in Payroll

In Payroll, please note the following;

  • Pay Screen- Annual Leave and Sick Leave Pay element

    • Users are not be able to add these pay elements via Add Pay Items.

    • Only leave requests from HR populate these pay items.

    • Unlike other Pay Items, users do not have the ability to edit or delete these pay items.

NOTE: For any adjustments to Annual or Sick Leave, please use the Annual Leave Adjustment and Sick Leave Adjustment Pay Items.

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