Version 5.2.0 has the following new features:

Removal of Non-Essential Reports

We have removed some of the reports previously available in Breathe Payroll as they were not used by existing clients. This was done to provide a cleaner, more efficient, reporting experience for Payroll users while still providing all the reports necessary to support the Payroll process. Reports currently available in Payroll:

  • EFT Report

  • Employee Pay Element Report

  • Deduction Report

  • Employee Payslips

  • Leave Balance Report

  • PAYG Report

  • Payroll Audit Report

  • Payroll Tax Report

  • Superannuation Report

Enhancements and Improvements

  • Approved timesheets now apply the assigned Cost Centre to the employee. Where an employee has a Cost Centre nominated in their profile this will now flow through to payroll and update in the Allocate to Cost Centre field when you add an item in the Pay Run.

  • Monthly Payroll will be sequential. Fixed a bug where if a 31 day month rolled over to a 28 day or 30 day month, that month would b skipped altogether

  • Total Hours in Pay Screen now reflect the Total Paid Hours. For Auto Pay employees, we now display the total hours worked for a pay period, not the hours in the employees Work Pattern. This means unpaid leave is not included in total hours for the pay period.

  • Apply Employee Filter - Payroll Leave report. You can filter by employee, type to search, can have multiple selections, figures will update as you filter.

  • SMSF Warnings for missing USI and Account numbers will no longer appear if the Self Managed Superfund details are provided from the Employee’s HR profile.

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