Do you want to keep track of how much overtime your employees are doing? Perhaps you want to know how much work has been done for a particular project, or how much time to bill a client for?

No problem - Breathe time logs can help! The time logs module allows you to record smaller chunks of time, meaning you can keep track of things with ease.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not designed as a Time in attendance feature or a 'Clock in-clock out' module. It is purely for logging overtime in hours or time worked against a project within the Breathe HR system.

See our Roster software if you're interested to explore Breathe's roster, time and attendance feature, or see our clock on/off support article if you already have the roster solution)

How do I enable time logs?

Simply go to Configure > Settings > Modules and ensure that 'time logs' is ticked, as shown below:

Be sure to Tick the box and click "Update" . Time Logs are now enabled on your system

Creating Projects

With time logs, this is a way for you to group things together under one heading. For example, you may create a project called "client X" and then log time against it. That way you know how much time has been spent on client X. You can use this for anything. It might be projects, clients, months, anything you can think of.

To set this up, you need to create some current projects or clients within Breathe. You can do this by going to Company > Projects. Just click the add button and fill in the details:

Only mark a company project as 'complete' if you no longer wish your employees to be able to select this project when logging time.

Once you've done this, you are good to go. Employees can start logging time. They can do this from their dashboard. If you look at your own dashboard you will see the new option that looks like this:

Adding a time log

From here the user can either view their time logs or create a new one. Click 'Add a new time log' and you will be presented with a form to fill out.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are on a Starter plan then only the Admin user will be able to see the reports and action time logs but if you are on a Regular, Pro or Premium plan then you will need Finance access in order to see this information (and line managers can see this area if they are responsible for an employee). You can also get to the Time logs screen by going to the employee record and selecting More > Time logs

Running the time logs report.

Head to Reports > time logs reports > time logs select the dates you wish to filter by to show the relevant data.

Select the time log you wish to view using the arrow icon:

This will take you to that specific time log entry:

Select 'Time logs' once more to be able to then process the log:

Select the logs that you wish to process by placing a tick in the box and then selecting 'Process logs' or alternatively hit select all on the left:

Once processed they will be reflected as such so you are able to pass this information across to the payroll team, or any other team to action. You are able to export the reports in 4 different ways by selecting the export buttons under the 'process logs' button.

We hope this guide is helpful to you - but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team!

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