Version 5.3.0 has the following new features:

Redesigned Pay Breakdown

The Pay Breakdown Screen in Breathe Payroll has been split into Earnings, Deductions, and Cost to Company categories

  • Previously all items were listed under the one Pay Item menu, and users would scroll through a list of Earnings, Deductions, then Costs.

  • This improvement means there is now a separate drop down menu for Earnings, Deductions and Cost to Company providing a cleaner more efficient experience in the Pay Breakdown Screen.

Generic GL Mapping

We have added the ability to enter GL Codes against the General Ledger Group

  • Find this simple to use setup screen under Settings > General Ledger Mapping

  • Set up GL Mapping so you can accurately report on your Pay Items

  • Use this reporting of GL data from Breathe payroll to input to your General Ledger

  • This new feature improves visibility and reduces the likelihood of error when transposing data from Payroll to the General Ledger.

New Pay Item - Reimbursement

A new Pay Element - Reimbursement - has been added.

  • Use this Pay Element to process non-reportable expenses reimbursed to Employees.

  • This Pay Element does not attract any Pay costs or accruals such a Tax, Super, Leave etc.

Change Pay Cycle Frequency Before Commit

We have added the ability to change the pay Cycle Frequency before you Commit the first Pay Cycle.

  • New and Trial accounts in Breathe default to a fortnightly Pay Cycle

  • We can now allow the Pay Cycle to be changed from fortnightly to weekly, or monthly before the Pay Cycle is Committed to allow accurate parallel runs during the testing phase.

New Leave balance Report

The new Leave balance Report can be found in Current and Previous Pay Cycle Reports

  • We have introduced a new style of producing reports. Reports will now populate in their own page, previously they would generate a pop up in a new window.

  • You will now see information only for Annual Leave Balance liabilities and Personal Leave Balance liabilities.

  • This new Leave Balance Report also shows the necessary information for balance generated with Leave Microservices.

Enhancements and Improvements

  • Updates to Work Pattern no longer require Recalculate - If you change your account's default Work Pattern in HR, all affected employees on this default work Pattern will have their data in Payroll updated without having to click Recalculate.

  • Hourly Rate Rounding - fixed an issue where the Hourly Rate was rounding to 2 decimal places, it is now rounding correctly to 4 decimal places.

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