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Location and Date Picker

Week and Day View

Employee and Area View

Roster, Unavailability, and Timesheets

Filter (view)

Roster Template

Copy and Paste Roster

Bulk Delete

Offer Shifts

Print Roster

Share Roster

Weekly Summary


Location and Date Picker

These ones are pretty straight forward, but in the interest of including everything, they have been included!

  • Click on the drop down and use your mouse or the arrow keys and enter to select a Location

  • Default Location is where you will find any employees who have not had a Location assigned to them in their HR profile.

Week and Day View

Toggle between Week and Day view anytime while you're building or viewing your roster.

  • Week view is the default and is probably the easiest place to build your roster.

  • Day view is useful for previewing break times and shift coverage on a given day.

  • You can create, edit, and delete shifts in either view.

Employee and Area View

Toggle between Employee and Area view anytime while you're building or viewing your roster.

  • Employee view lists your employees names down the side of your roster.

  • Employees are listed in alphabetically by first name.

  • Area view lists your departments down the left side of the roster with employee names and times in the shift boxes in the body of the page.

  • You can use any combination of Week / Day / Employee / Area view. Have a play around with the different views and see which suits you the best.

Roster Unavailability and Timesheets

Click on the Roster drop down to show Unavailability and Timesheets.

  • Tick the box next to the data you want to show, and untick to hide.

  • This page will always default to displaying Rosters only.


Click on the Filter icon to open the Filters window.

  • Filtering allows you to define what data is displayed .

  • You can filter by Rosters, Unavailability's, Timesheets, Areas or Roles

  • Whatever you select here will be the only items displayed in the Rosters page when you close the window.

  • Click on the edit icon to filter by Roles and Areas

Roster Template

Make a Template of your roster to save time next week!

  • Build your roster, then click on the three dots next to the Roster Template button.

  • Give your template a name. You can see the weeks are numbered, you might like to use that, or choose another naming convention that fits your business.

  • We recommend that you use a standard format for consistency and clarity.

  • Click Save to close the window and store your Template.

  • To apply your Template to a week navigate to the right week, click on the Roster Template button, select the Template, then Apply.

  • You can see a few other icons in the Roster Template window, here's what they do:

    1. Override start day - tick this box if your templated roster starts on a Monday, and you want the same shifts, but starting from a Tuesday in the new week.

    2. Box icon - the number of shifts in the template

    3. People icon - how many users are Rostered in the Template

    4. Edit icon - Click here to change your Template

    5. Bin icon - Delete the Template

Copy and Paste Roster

Grab this weeks roster and copy it straight into next week, or any future week.

  • Click on the three dots next to the Roster Template button, and select Copy Week

  • Navigate to the week you want to copy the roster into, then click on the three dots again and select Paste OR Paste and Unassign

  • Paste will copy the shifts to the same people and positions as the from roster

  • Paste and Unassign will copy the same shifts, but without allocating a user to those shifts.

  • You can drag the unassigned shifts down to Users or click on them and allocate a name in the shift detail.

Bulk Delete

Bulk delete is a quick and easy way to delete multiple shifts.

  • Click on the Bulk Delete icon

  • Select the shifts you want to delete and confirm

  • We will flag for approval any pending swaps and offers

  • Timesheets cannot be deleted in bulk Delete mode

Offer Shifts

Use this function when you have created and published an unassigned shift

  • Click on the Arrow icon to Offer Shifts

  • Then select the week / date range you want to offer the shifts

  • In this example, where there is only one week with an unassigned shift, you can select either the date range or Offer All Unassigned Shifts

  • The notification badge in the Offer icon will disappear when the shifts have been offered.

  • This is also a good reminder that there are unassigned shifts in the week!

Print Roster

Click on the print roster icon to print your roster.

  • The roster will be in the same format as you see it on the page.

  • Check out Reporting > Rosters if you would like to view your data in another format.

Share Roster

  • The Share Roster button will make your roster public so it can be viewed by those with shifts.

  • Sharing the roster will also trigger notifications to those with shifts according to your settings

  • If you want to make any changes after you've Shared you can do so, and will need to Share Roster again.

Weekly Summary

The Weekly Summary is there to help you manage the cost of your roster.

  • The default Total Hours tab displays the number of hours, with the cost, for each day and a total for the week.

  • There is a Full Summary tab behind the Total Hours tab which also includes how many staff and how many shifts have been rostered for each day, with a weekly total.


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  • You can search for help articles here too.


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