Version 5.4.0 has the following new features:

Refined Generic General Ledger Report

We have a new General Ledger report that can be easily used to report on Pay Items, Pay Types, Cost Center, Debit, Credit and total amounts per Payment Date.

  • This report allows customers to view all details and information for financial reporting in their General Ledger and also allows for downloading of the file.

  • This can be found in the Report menu under Reports > Pay Cycle Reports, and is available as a Current Pay Cycle Report, Previous Pay Cycle Report and a YTD report

  • A reminder for customers using Xero for financials - We integrated directly with Xero for your financial reporting. See here for more details.

  • Pay Elements that are available in the General Ledger Report can be found here

Integrated Additional Leave Types

Additional Leave Types integrated from Breathe HR to Payroll.

  • This integration ensures no duplication of process, information, and data across both modules. This covers both leave requests and cancellation of leave requests.

  • The following leave types are now available in Breathe, and will automatically reflect on the employee's pay slip for the specified period.

Calculation For Employees With No TFN

Where no TFN has been provided by an employee, and there are no valid exemption categories for not providing a TFN, the PAYG withholding tax is updated accordingly.

  • If an employee has not provided a TFN number, the PAYG calculation will now be calculated at:

    • Australian Resident- 47%

    • Foreign Resident- 45%

    • Working Holiday- 45%

Enhancements and Improvements

  • The Pay Screen has been improved to display four decimal points for all quantity ($) and rates.

  • For employees who have a daily rate advised in Breathe HR, the Annual Pay Rate and Hourly Rate is now calculated based on their work pattern.

  • Calculation of Annual Leave and Personal Leave updated - Resolved an issue to ensure Annual Leave accrues the correct amount in the case where the Payment Date is outside the Pay Period.

  • Monthly Pay Period date updates based on end of month dates - If your business is on a Monthly Pay Period, and paying on the last day of the month, dates will sequentially update based on month and calendar days. Eg, if your first Pay Day is the last day of September (30/09), the system will know the Pay Day for October should also be the last day of that month (31/10).

  • Issue of Invalid Pay Period Date in Pay Frequency Resolved - When setting the Pay Frequency in Company Configuration, an issue has been resolved where certain dates would cause an "Invalid" error.

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