The purpose of this feature is to easily capture your people's COVID-19 test results and use real-time data to assist with risk management - including vaccination status, testing compliance and recent results, with clear identification of any positive test results. Your team can even enter their own results, wherever they are.

The below process of capturing and storing COVID-19 test results is the same for both HR Users and Employees.

To access and update results, first select the employee > More > COVID Test Results. The select the blue + and complete the form. See below for more details:

The results dropdown provides you with 3 options:

  • Positive

  • Negative

  • Inconclusive

You are also able to capture any relevant comments which will be saved along with the result.

Once the results have been recorded, they will be saved on the employees record and stored safely in Breathe.

Breathe Reports will enable you to view company wide test results without the need to view each employee individually.

Breathe also makes keeping track of your employee's vaccination rate via the Medical Facts feature located within the More dropdown as seen above.

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