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Breathe People Portal
Breathe People Portal
The Breathe People Portal is our native app available on iOS and Andriod
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The Breathe People Portal is perfect for access on the go. In this article we'll take you through all the features of the app:


When you open the app you'll land on the roster page. You can:

  • View your shifts and timesheets

  • Submit unavailability

  • Sort by week or month view

  • See your information only, same as the web version.

TIP - click on the day or date for more detail


The purpose of this feature is to give employees an alternate way to start and finish their shift.

Employees can clock in and out for their scheduled shift and remove the need to have a tablet on the wall. This is a great COVID safe practice to minimize the spread of germs by having staff use their own device.

To enable this functionality first navigate to Settings > Timesheet and scroll down to Mobile Settings > Enable TimeClock in mobile app.

By checking the box, employees will be able to clock into their scheduled shifts directly from the mobile

By entering a number in the second field, you can limit how early an employee can clock into their shift. The default value 60 minutes.

Once in the app, the employee will now have a new icon on the bottom of the screen called TimeClock.

Once on the TimeClock screen, the employee can start and finish work based off their schedule.


This tab shows push notifications that have been sent out by the Breathe People Portal.

You can manage your notification preference in your device system settings > notifications> Breathe People Portal.

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