Version 5.5.0 has the following new features:

Other Leave Payment

Weekend Work Pattern Reflecting in Payroll

Pay Screen Redesign

Enhancements & Improvements

Other Leave Payment

Our newest Leave Type available to use is Other Leave. This new Pay Item will allow you to grant/cash out unique Pay Items for company specific leave

  • You can use this Leave Type for when you need to pay an employee a company specific leave (such as Anniversary Leave) where Employees are allowed an extra day of leave that is on top of their accrued Leave for every year of service

  • This Leave Type is a great way to pay employees for special leave benefits and allows for manual management for any extra days off or encashment in Payroll at the employees normal rate.

  • For reporting purposes, this Leave Type is under Wages & Salaries for both Xero and General Ledger

Weekend Work Pattern Reflecting in Payroll

Work Patterns for Weekends have now been updated to ensure that any hours recorded in the weekend Work Pattern are processed correctly in Payroll, which also includes hours worked plus any leave taken during the weekend.

  • When employees have a Work Pattern that advises they work during the weekend, Breathe Payroll will calculate that accurately as well as any leave taken during that time, ensuring an accurate Payroll system that reflects the correct payroll information.

  • To update/create a Work Pattern, you can follow this guide

Pay Screen Redesign

We have some hot new Pay Screen redesigns to make running your payroll smoother and easier to manage.

  • Payment Date is now visible in the Employee's Pay Screen to have both Pay Period and Payment Date for clearer details.

  • In the Employees Pay Summary section, you will now also see PAYG amount separate with all other earnings/deductions, this is an easier breakdown to see what exactly is going to the ATO

  • Now when you click on the Employees name from the home screen, it will take you to Payroll's Employees Details, rather than going through different screens to get there.

Enhancements and Improvements

  • Improved the recalculation logic for Pay Rates when Autopay is switched on, ensuring when a recalculation is executed, all Pay Rates are updated accordingly

  • Improved automation for when Work Pattern is changed in HR, Payroll will automatically change the AutoPay Work Pattern in the Pay Screen.

  • Resolved an issue when searching Employees by text under Employee Details. Previously you were only able to search via an Employee number, now you can search by text eg First Name/Last Name

  • Resolved an issue where a warning is posted for a missing Super Account Number. This error occurred for all Superannuation Funds, which has been fixed for all Standard Super Funds. For SMSF, you will still get a Yellow warning to ensure all essential super details are provided

  • Resolved an issue so that new Leave Types are reducing correctly

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