Your access to changing features and functions in the Rosters page is in the Settings tab. There are some parameters you should set, and some automation you may choose to engage which can help you save time when building and managing your roster.

Go to Settings > Rostered Shifts

Shift swaps

Check the box to enable the shift swapping function.

  • Learn more about shift swaps here.

Shift offers

Check the box to enable shift offers function.

  • Learn more about shift offers here.

Automatically publish roster changes

Check this box to enable automatic publishing of changes.

  • When this setting is on, the Share Roster button in the roster page is disabled.

  • Each time you add a shift or make a change that information is sent to the affected user, which can save you time.

  • Before enabling this feature consider your need to review the whole roster before publishing

  • This feature is not recommended for large rosters.

Don't let users swap within 'x' hours of shift start time

This setting is your control over the amount of time before the start of a the shift a user must submit their swap requests.

  • If you enter 0 here, users can swap shifts right up until the start of the shift (not recommended).

  • If you enter 24 into this field, users must submit their swap requests more than 24hrs before the start of the shift they're swapping.

  • Make sure you allow enough time for the approval process (if there is one) to take place, and for all parties involved in the swap to be aware of which shift they are responsible for.

Shift swap responses must be approved

Check this box if you prefer a manager to approve shift swaps.

  • Manager approval is only required at the final stage of the Swap cycle.

Shift offer responses must be approved

Check this box if you prefer a manager to approve shift offers.

  • Manager approval is only required at the final stage of the Offers cycle.

Unavailability requests must be approved

Check this box if management approval is required for Unavailability requests.

  • If the box is left unchecked, every unavailability request will be automatically approved.

User can view shift break

Enable this setting if you're happy for users to view their shift break time.

  • If left disabled, the user will be able to tell from their shift duration that a break has been allocated, but not what time the break is scheduled.

Rostered shift must fall in this time interval in order to restore connection with the Timesheet

This setting relates to how the system treats a timesheet added in either of the following ways.

  1. Manually added by the user in the employee dashboard

  2. Clocking in where a shift is not selected to clock in to.

  • If a timesheet is created by the user clocking in to the shift (either on mobile, in their dashboard on desktop, or using the timeclock) the timesheet and the shift will already be connected.

  • When the timesheet is manually created, the system will use this setting to check for any existing rosters within the timeframe specified here, and link the timesheet back to the roster times if a such a roster exists.

  • Where there is an event, or comment, or any payment rules attached to roster, they will apply to the timesheet as well.

  • This setting is determines when that connection is allowed if the timesheet is created in any other way, such as the two examples above.

Apply default breaks

Check this box to enable breaks being added to rostered shifts automatically.

The default breaks added will be unpaid breaks.

Remember to Save when you've made your changes, they'll take effect immediately.

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