This article covers two timesaving and efficiency features in Breathe roster; how to use Roster Templates, and how to Copy and Paste your roster from any week into another.

Creating a Roster Template

Using a Roster Template

Editing a Roster Template

Override Start Day (templates)

Copy and Paste the Roster

Creating a Roster Template

You can use an existing Roster to create your Template, or navigate to an empty week and start from scratch

  • When you're ready to create your Template click on the three dots next to the Roster Templates button and select Save Weekly Template

  • Give your template a name, then Save

  • You can view your new template by clicking on the Roster Templates button

Using A Roster Template

First navigate to the week you want to apply the Template to.

  • Click on the Roster Templates button to view the templates you've created

  • Select the template then Apply

  • If there are shifts already in the week you're applying the template to you'll see a message letting you know what happens someone in your template is already rostered or has approved leave (an unassigned shift will be added),

  • A Pasting message in the top of the screen while the shifts are added.

  • Now the Template has been added to the week, check the shifts, make any changes, then Share the Roster

Override Start Day

This function will apply the Template to your week starting on a day other than Monday.

  • Check the Override Start Day box

  • Choose which day you want your roster to start

  • The Template will apply accordingly. Shifts will paste into the following week, copying the Template exactly as is, just into different says of the week.

Editing a Roster Template

Click on the edit icon to make changes to your template

  • Make your changes and click on the arrow to go back to the Roster Template menu

  • In the event an employee is on leave, or has left the business, shifts will be pasted into the new week as Unassigned

Copy and Paste a Roster

Click on the three dots next to the Roster Template button

  • Select Copy Week, then navigate to the week you want to copy into

  • Select Paste or Paste and Unassign

  • Paste and Unassign will add the same shifts, with no names attached to the shifts.

  • If you Paste and Unassign you'll have to go through the roster and assign the shifts to Users before you can Share it.

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