In this article we'll cover:

The ways your People can create a timesheet

How a Manager can create a Timesheet for a Person

How Managers can view, edit and approve Timesheets

How to set up the TimeClock on a dedicated device

TimeClock Permissions

Timesheet settings

The Breathe People Portal native app

How People Create a Timesheet

There are a number of ways a Person can create a Timesheet:

  1. Clock on and off using the TimeClock app on a dedicated device. Find out how to Set up the TimeClock.

  2. Clock on and off using the TimeClock feature on the Breathe People Portal on their own mobile device. Find more info about the app here.

  3. Clock on and off or add a Timesheet manually in the Employee Dashboard on desktop OR mobile

As there are a many options, we recommend new clients choose the method they prefer and set their employees up accordingly. If anyone is having issues with the preferred method, you can introduce or suggest other options to those employees. You may find your employees will figure out the other ways, but that's fine, you won't need to take the time to explain all the ways to them!

NOTE: We love the Breathe People Portal as Users can receive push notifications about their shifts, and Rosters and TimeClocking are in the one handy app.

Managers can create a Timesheet for a Person the following ways :

  1. Add a completed Timesheet In the Timesheet page on desktop or mobile

    • Navigate to the Timesheet page and click on Add Timesheet, then complete the details of the Timesheet.

    • If there is a Rostered shift for the day that data will be added automatically to the Timesheet. You can make any changes then save.

    • If there isn't any rostered data for the shift, complete the Location, then Start Finish and Break times, then save.

  2. Start a Timesheet (Clock on) from the Who's Working tab in the Manager Dashboard on desktop or mobile:

    • Use this function when someone has started work but forgotten, or not been able, to Clock On (or off). A Timesheet initiated this way can be completed by the user in the same way they would complete a Timesheet they started themselves.

    • Navigate to Starting Soon in the Who's Working tab in the Manager Dashboard, and select Clock on.

    • If you can't see the Clock On button check the TimeClock settings for permissions.

  3. Add a completed Timesheet in the Roster Page on desktop or mobile:

    • The Roster page will load by default when you go to Roster & Time Tracking.

    • Select the Location and Date range for the Timesheet you want to add.

    • Use the filters to enable Timesheets in your view.

    • Scroll to the User or Position (depending on if you're working in User or Week View), click on the relevant cell and add the details of the Timesheet.

    • Timesheets added this way will be automatically approved. You can click on the timesheet to Edit or Unapprove it.

How Managers View, Edit and Approve Timesheets

Managers can view pending and completed Timesheets in a number of ways:

  1. The Timesheets Page

    • First choose the Location and Day you want to view Timesheets.

    • You can choose to view All, Pending, Approved or Timesheets still In Progress for the Location and Date you have selected.

    • Use the Add Timesheet function to add a Timesheet to the day and Location you're viewing.

    • Click in Role, Time, or Break field to edit the Timesheet. NOTE You can only edit completed timesheets.

    • Click on the three dots in the corner of the Timesheet to delete it.

    • NOTE: You can only delete a finished or completed Timesheet.

  2. The Manager Dashboard

    • Managers can view, edit and approve timesheets in the Managers Dashboard

    • Navigate to Who's Working > Just Finished tab in the Managers Dashboard to view completed timesheets (you cannot view or edit unfinished timesheets anywhere in the app)

    • Click in the time field/s if you want to make any changes before you approve.

  3. The Roster Page

    • You can view, edit and approve timesheets in the roster page. You can also compare timesheets to rostered shifts here, which can be really useful, particularly if your workforce is predominantly casual.

    • Use the filters to show timesheets

    • Click on the timesheet and then the edit icon to change the details of the timesheet. You can also approve the timesheet from here.

TIP - The Manager Dashboard is the one place you can do pretty much everything, so take some time to look around and try all the features.

How to set up the TimeClock on a dedicated device

Click on the app switcher and navigate to the TimeClock. You'll notice once you've set up the TimeClock the app switcher is no longer visible so your staff cannot access your Breathe HR/ Roster/ Payroll login.

  • You can permit anyone, or Managers only to activate the TimeClock. See here for more details.

  • The Timeclock is designed to run continuously, but will deactivate after it has been running continuously for two weeks.

  • We recommend you have a process in place so that the TimeClock is always available when staff need it. For example, the Timeclock is deactivated, then activated every Monday morning.

TimeClock Settings

Navigate to Settings > Timeclock Settings and review.

  • Click here for the article if you'd like some guidance.

Timesheet settings

We recommend the Timesheet Settings are reviewed as part of the initial account setup. Once you're up and running you may like to revisit some of these, the full guide is here.

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