Version 5.6.0 has the following new features:

New Payroll Audit Report

Enhancements and Improvements

New Payroll Audit Report

Running your Payroll Audit Report just became a whole lot smoother.

Now when you run your Audit Report in Reports > Pay Cycle Reports, this will open up in screen, allowing you to filter, free text search, and download as an excel document, ensuring your reporting is secure and seamless.

  • With the new built in design of the Audit Report, running the report is faster and more secure.

  • Configure the report for your needs with filters on each column and free text search.

Enhancements and Improvements

We are always trying improve and simplify our software. The latest improvements include:

  • Resolving an issue regarding Cost Centres dropping off from Auto Generated Pay Items. Now, when a Cost Centre is assigned to an employee, all Auto Generated Pay Items will inherit this Cost Centre.

  • Ensuring that the assigned Pay Cycle Frequency in your Payroll Subscription is the same in Payroll Pay Cycle Settings.

  • Resolved an issue to ensure Wages & Salaries Debit/Credit codes are saved properly.

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