Version 5.8.0 has the following new feature:

Customisable Pay Items

Customisable Pay Items

Breathe makes it easy to pay your Company Specific Pay Items now with our Customisable Pay Items.

With the ability to now create your own customisable pay elements that fit the requirements of your Company

  • Having the ability to create your own Pay Items ensures that Breathe is catering to your business payments.

  • With this new feature, Breathe can support you to create your Pay Item seamlessly when you need them. Providing two options, to either edit a current default pay items, or copy a current default pay item that matches the requirements you need, and configure it to the type of payment you need it to be.

  • To configure your own Pay Items, go to Company Configuration > Pay Items, from there choose to edit a current pay item, or customise your very own, by configuring the Pay Item Display Name, Calculation Method, PAYG exception, Superannuation Exception.

  • Once configured you are good to go ahead and use this brand new Pay Item on your employee which will show this new payment on their Payslip

For a step-by-step guide on Customisable Pay Items, take a look here

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