Currently notifications are either switched on or off. It's okay, we understand that a constant flurry of emails is distracting. That's why we've put you back in control with the ability to limit what you receive.

What have we done?

From their profile, Breathe users can select the emails they wish to receive. Please note, even if you opt out, you'll have full visibility via the Manager dashboard.

This will not affect request emails - such as holiday, training and expenses.

What do you need to do?

By default, we've turned off your email notifications on your profile.

Head over to the Email notifications tab on your profile. Here's where you can select and opt-in to the ones you wish to receive...

Admin and HR view:

Line manager and other Breathe user's view:

Blue and On means that you have opted to receive email notifications

Red and Off means that you have opted to not receive email notifications

Tell your people

Use Breathe to send a Bulk email from your list of people. Select the following:

People > Our people > select the people individually or by selecting "all" > at the bottom from the drop down select "Send email"

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