Leave in Breathe is managed in HR

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Employee Onboarding/Setup

Balances & Forecasting

Leave on Termination

Employee Onboarding/Setup

When a new user is setup here People > Add new, you will see the fields to add their opening balances for annual leave and personal leave. You also need to submit the date of joining (accrual date) and work pattern for leave to accrue correctly.

For new employees:

  • Enter zero opening balance

  • Join date (accrual date) is the date they started working.

For existing employees:

  • Extract their existing annual leave (hours) and personal leave (hours) from your old system, and input these here.

  • The date of joining will be the date they started with the company.

If you're bulk adding employees using our data import spreadsheet you'll notice you can't import opening balances and join date. Use the import to setup your employees then go back into their profile:

  • Add opening balances and work pattern in their Profile > More > Work Pattern and Leave Allowances

  • Nominate their join date in Profile > Summary > Basic info

Balances & Forecasting

The HR user is able to view the current leave accruals and can enter a future date to view forecast totals. Access this data in the user Profile > Leave or Profile > More > Work pattern and Leave Allowances

Current balance - this is the balance as at the beginning of the day.

Forecast balance - this is the balance at the end of the forecast day

Note: If a forecast date falls on a day that person doesn't work (according to their work pattern) no accrual will apply on that day.

Leave on Termination

The employee should be marked as Left in Breathe HR with the termination date. The person will not accrue any further leave after the termination date.

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